Stainless Steel Angle

Stainless steel profile is the formed steel with a section which is obtained by the hot melting, forming, laser fusion, cold rolling, extrusion or other methods on the stainless steel bar or strip. The common types including r Angle stainless steel, flat stainless steel, channel stainless steel(C Channel, U Channel), beam(H Beam, I beam) and completely custom near net shapes in our alloys. WLD Steel is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the stainless steel angle in diverse sizes and specifications.

The stainless steel Angle is perpendicular to both sides with a specified Angle of formed steel. It has excellent strength, corrosion resistance and weldability, indicated as width by width by edge thickness (mm). For example, 25×25×3 “Angle represents an equal-sided stainless steel Angle with a side width of 25 mm and a side 3 mm thickness. It is mainly divided into equal stainless steel Angle and unequal stainless steel Angle can be used as the connection between different stress parts and components, widely used in all kinds of building structures and engineering structures, such as beams, bridges, transmission towers, lifting and transportation machinery, ships, industrial furnaces, reaction towers, container racks and warehouse shelves.

Industrial Angles Specifications

  • Equal Leg Angles
  • Unequal Leg Angles
  • L-Structural Angles
  • C-Structural Angles
Material Stainless Steel

Duplex Stainless Steel

  • ASTM A 276/A 276M
  • ASTM A 484/A 484M
  • ASTM A 564/A 564M
  • ASTM A 582/A 582M
  • ASTM A 638 /A 638M
  • ASTM A 705/A 705M
Size Angle: 3—9m、4—12m、4—19m、6—19m or Custom Cut Sizes

Available grades of Angles at WID Steel

  • Stainless Steel 201 Angle
  • Stainless Steel 304/304L Angle
  • Stainless Steel 310/310S Angle
  • Stainless Steel 316/316L Angle
  • Stainless Steel 321 Angle
  • Stainless Steel 347H Angle
  • Stainless Steel 904L Beam
  • Stainless Steel 409/409L Angle
  • Stainless Steel 410/410S Angle
  • Stainless Steel 420 Angle
  • Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 Angle